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My undergraduate studies are at the Polytechnic school in Torino (Italy) where as a young student in applied mathematics I got attracted by plasma physics; since then the enthusiasm has not decreased... I am still working in Plasma Physics and trying to bring as much as possible to this community.

I spent 7 months at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (NM, USA) working on my MSc thesis.

I attended a PhD program at Imperial College (London, U.K.) as part of the European program ‘JETset’. Marie Curie awarded scholarship.

At present I am at the university of Rome “La Sapienza” working on Inertial Confinement Fusion.

A good glass of wine and a lovely landscape are necessary to do good plasma physics...

My favorites quotes:

Physics is like sex. Sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it.

R. P. Feynman

I told the experimentalists the truth but they did not want to hear it.

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