The following simulation codes are currently developed, maintained and upgraded at GAPS

IMPLO 1D Lagrangian hydrocode for laser-matter interaction
DUED 2D Lagrangian nuclear-radiative hydrocode for plasma studies especially related to Inertial Confinement Fusion
DI interactive visualization tool for DUED simulation output
PTRACE 3D particle tracing code for the interpretation of proton radiography experiments and the interaction of laser-generated proton beams with electromagnetic fields
BeamDMS 1D Vlasov code for electron bunch dynamics in linear accelerators and accumulation rings
Longitudinal propagation code for an electron bunch inside a wiggler especially devoted to the quantum regime of interaction between the electron matter wave function and the electromagnetic field.
Same as above including interaction,propagation and one transverse dimension
Multi-dimensional numerical code for the simulation of FEL dynamics in the quantum regime including propagation, beam-field interaction and transverse effects.